Remuneror (REM) - The token

RENTALMILES created the REM to become one of the world’s most liquid and interoperable reward tokens. It is designed to be freely traded for other assets (such as Bitcoin or Ether) on secondary markets, providing it with as much liquidity as possible. In addition, our ecosystem will also offer a primary market where the REM can be traded for rewards in other loyalty programs such as gasoline, air miles, hotel, etc. at flexible rates determined by current market conditions.

Through the RentalMiles electronic wallet, users will not only be able to track their loyalty reward points, but they will also have the ability to redeem goods and services across other programs of which they are a member via a “wild card” token in the REM. The advantage of this general purpose coin is its diversified and non-inflationary store of value with respect to all loyalty reward points in their wallets. As a result of this process, consumers are gradually introduced to the growing crypto-economy via a seamless link between traditional loyalty reward commerce and modern crypto assets.

Within the RENTALMILES ecosystem, participants’ Rems (rewarded or purchased) will be deposited directly into their RENTALMILES wallets, with reward tracking features across various loyalty programs. Following the conclusion of our cryptocurrency’s presale and ICO, Rems will be available for purchase on third-party exchanges, via transfers between crypto wallets and directly on the RentalMiles platform.

Purpose and usage
The REM is primarily designed as a reward currency within the RentalMiles ecosystem for real estate rentals. However, the REM can also be used for other purposes, including:
Interprogram exchange: The REM acts as a bridge as well as a universal storage of reward value across most reward programs
Payment: RENTALMILES tenants can pay rent and landlords can pay for RPM services with the REM. As the system matures, investors can also use the REM to purchase fractional ownership
Currency: The REM is redeemable for cash and can be traded with other cryptocurrencies

RENTALMILES is a global residential property management (RPM) company with a loyalty program that rewards landlords and tenants.

Our vision is to disrupt and aggregate the largest rental market with:

The creation and implementation of the first reward ecosystem for the RPM industry, which rewards both sides of the rental transaction – landlords and tenants – for their payment, loyalty and positive behavior. In addition, this ecosystem has a wide network of partners including 29 global airlines and 80% of global hotels, rental car agencies and retail vendors, making it attractive for its participants to stay within the program.

A competitive pricing model designed to lower barriers to entry, while additional sources of potential income (including marketing partnerships, maintenance contracts, fractional ownerships and sales commissions) enable RENTALMILES to offer value to landlords and tenants without added costs. An operating model that is run on a 100% digital platform that is built to scale and is capable of tackling key industry issues, including: disaggregation, operational inefficiency, maintenance as well as recruiting and retaining good tenants. The RENTALMILES digital experience is supported by an agile mobile app that can facilitate all rental transactions and communications as well as robust technology such as a data library and real-time analytics including Credilytix and property valuation metrics.

Unlike other start-ups with ICOs, RentalMiles is a working business (and not just a proposed concept) launched in December 2017.

Our company’s digital platform provides a foundation for future growth and allows it to create solutions with blockchain 1.0 (utility token for ecosystem); 2.0 (an interoperable loyalty exchange) and 3.0 (blockchain with title and deeds to create a frictionless and trustless, fractional real estate platform).

RentalMiles will launch an ICO campaign to sell its Remuneror (REM) token. Designed to be one of the world’s most liquid and interoperable reward tokens, it can be exchanged for rewards in other loyalty programs such as gasoline, air miles, hotel, etc. or freely traded for other assets (such as Bitcoin or Ether) on secondary markets.







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