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Unlock your Loyalty Rewards!

  • Buy, sell and exchange loyalty points on the Stellar Blockchain
  • 25% bonus tokens to early buyers. LTO begins June 26th, 2018
  • Fully operable business from Day 1. Buy tokens. Claim tokens. Redeem tokens. Swap tokens. No delays
  • Guaranteed backstop value
  • Immediate redemption choices including cash back
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Siloed, locked up and unused.

3.32 billion members


Changing rules:Different rules and frequent changes across programs

Difficult to redeem:Most members don’t think it’s worth their time

Siloed systems:The points aren’t interoperable between programs


Increasein customer dissatisfaction and lack of engagement

Greaterfinancial liabilities and lower profits for issuers (IFRS 15)

33% of rewards unclaimed, amounting to $16 billion US*

What if loyalty points were as free to exchange as cryptocurrencies?

Secured transactions: Mobile, secured, and contactless pay functionality.

Instant reward redemptions: Reward and cash back redemptions across various programs instantly via a mobile app.

Manage multiple memberships: Ability to be freely traded for other assets within the ecosystem.

Introducing REM. An interoperable loyalty rewards token, market and wallet built on the Stellar Blockchain. Features include:

An interoperable reward token

  • Rewards: Ability to apply the token across the ecosystem of loyalty reward partners. Tokens also rewarded through participation with RentalMiles, REM’s anchor tenant.
  • Payment: Pay rent and rental property management (RPM) services with the REM (RentalMiles participants)
  • Cash-back: Redeemable for cash back and tradeable with other crypto assets.

The REM Market

A platform to promote liquidity and inter-program exchange

  • Redemption with ease: Redeem points from multiple loyalty reward issuers in one place.
  • Increase spending power: Ability to earn points at one participating partner and use them at another.
  • Redeem with 29 Airlines, 80% of global hotels and more.

The Wallet

Mobile, secure way to manage and spend your reward points

  • Manage multiple memberships: Access your loyalty reward programs and keep track of all your points in one place
  • Ease of use: Mobile, secured and contactless pay functionality. Ability to pay with the wallet app at merchants accepting tap-n-pay.
  • Additional functionality: Including the ability to hold more than 120 different coins within the same wallet app and to redeem from REM to any partnered reward points instantly.

For Issuers

Issuers face challenges in keeping up with consumer demands for more value and ease of use. In addition, unredeemed loyalty rewards represent a significant potential liability for their balance sheets.

By being a part of the REM ecosystem, issuers can:

  • Manage loyalty points liabilities with ease
  • Improve redemption rates resulting in higher customer engagement
  • Buy back, exchange or unload points through the REM marketplace

Use cases

Start Me Up Coffee

Start Me Up Coffee is a high end coffee shop that has introduced a customer loyalty program to incentivize customers and build a community of loyal coffee drinkers. However, SMU’s customers are not very active participants in the program for a number of reasons. One, customers often don’t remember to bring their membership cards with…

Latest News

crypterium logo

1 May 2018. REM Loyalty has entered into a strategic partnership with Crypterium.

Use your loyalty rewards to shop anywhere in the world: Crypterium partners with REM Loyalty.

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30 March 2018. REM Loyalty has entered into a strategic partnership with Propy.
We love what Propy is doing with the Blockchain and real estate sales.
Like RentalMiles, they’re bringing great tech and brilliant ideas to the real estate industry.

Our Team

Zdravko LoborecFounder
Jeremy FriesenCo Founder, CIO
Carmen LeeCMO
Jess SlossStategic Marketing
David O. BerdúnDeveloper
Viv HarriesChief Designer
Steven CookDigital Marketing